Home Auto Repair 1999 Audi TT Figure Grille set Installation Instructions

1999 Audi TT Figure Grille set Installation Instructions


Download Audi TT Figure Grille Installation 1) REMOVE OEM GRILLES 1.1) Passenger-Side Vent Grille – Begin by removing the license plate and license plate holder from the front of the vehicle. Next, Remove the passenger-side vent grille by placing a flat-head screwdriver through the front of the grille, prying down on the retaining clip (#1 in Fig. 1), and then pulling the corner of the grille toward you. This grille should release very easily. 1.2) Center-lower Grille – You will now be able to reach from the passenger-side vent grille opening through to center grille fasteners (Indicated by arrows in Fig. 2). Press down on the fastener and then push the center grille out of the opening. There are 16 of these fasteners, and the easiest way to remove this grille, is by starting at the upper corner closest to the passenger side vent grille. Once this corner is released, you should be able to “peel” the rest of the grille out of the opening fairly easily. The proper method is to press each of the 16 fasteners down and then push, however space is tight and using the “peel” method does no damage. 1.3) Drivers-Side Grille – The drivers side grille is held in place by 7 clips (see Fig. 3). Start this grille by prying the upper left corner from the front with a flat-head screw driver. This will release the first clip, and then peel the remainder of the grille from the bumper. 2) PREPARE BUMPER Note: The installation of these grilles requires a series of small 1/8” holes be drilled for each grille. These holes are placed in locations that are concealed by either the OEM grilles or the Figure Grilles.