Home Auto Repair 2005 Dodge Magnum Siren Speaker Mounting Bracket Installation

2005 Dodge Magnum Siren Speaker Mounting Bracket Installation


Download 1. Remove the 2 plastic covers that protect the front area under the hood (Fig. 1). They snap into or out of the vehicle. 2. Remove the 2 bolts that hold the hood latch assembly on and set it aside (do not disconnect the cables). Unplug the horn wire and place the wire out of the way. 3. Mount speaker to bracket. 4. Remove all the plastic rivets from the top of the front of the body of the vehicle, then pull the body toward the front of the vehicle (the body is flexible). Slide the 2 U-Nuts onto the support braces and place the bracket (with siren attached) on top of the U-Nuts. The front “ears” of the bracket rest on the two U-Nuts which clip onto the support braces. The rear of the bracket will mount behind the hood latch assembly using the hood latch’s mounting hardware. 5. Be sure all the hood latch cables are properly located, then secure the hood latch assembly over the rear of the bracket using the hood latch assemblies two bolts. IMPORTANT: Make sure the two bolt heads line up with the two indentations on the hood latch assembly made by the bolts original position, so that the hood latch assembly reinstalls in the same position and lines up properly with the hood. 6. Reattach the horn wire then replace the plastic rivets you removed in step 5, except the 2 rivets that line up with the front mounting holes of the siren bracket. Replace those rivets with the supplied mounting hardware (Fig. 4) securing the front of the bracket to the vehicle. 7. First trim some plastic off of each of the two protective covers you removed in step 1 (Fig. 5) to accommodate the two ears on the front of the bracket,