Home Auto Repair 2005 – Present dodge magnum Figure grille set Installation

2005 – Present dodge magnum Figure grille set Installation


Download Dodge Magnum Figure Grille Installation 1) REMOVE STOCK GRILLES 1.1) Remove radiator covers. Begin by popping the hood of your vehicle. There are two plastic protective shields which cover the radiator area. These are held in place by small clips which will let go easily by pulling on the pieces. Fig. 1 shows these covers and illustrates their removal. 1.2) Remove the pop-top fasteners. There is a series of 6 “pop-top” fasteners that run along the top of the bumper. When removed, you will be able to pull the bumper away from the vehicle which will gain the needed access to remove the old grilles. To remove these fasteners insert a slotted screwdriver or a pair of needle-nose pliers between the fasteners’ top and bottom. You will see a notch on the outside ring where you will be able to pry up the inner ring. Once you have lifted the inner ring about an inch, the fastener will pull out easily. 1.3) Remove the yellow clips. The stock grilles are composed of two pieces: one on the driver’s side and one on the passenger’s. There are two yellow clips located at the tops of each stock grille Fig. 3. These are easy to pull out using just your fingers. 1.4) Remove the remaining fasteners. Additionally, there are 3 fasteners on the bottoms of each grille: one plastic screw with a square head Fig. 4, and two Phillips head screws (these are revealed by pulling the bumper away from the vehicle). The square fastener does not require a tool to remove. By turning the head with your fingers the screw will come out.