Home Auto Repair 2007-UP Shelby Mustang Stainless Steel Header Exhaust System

2007-UP Shelby Mustang Stainless Steel Header Exhaust System


Download Stock System Removal: Under the Hood • Begin the removal process by removing the battery terminals. Always disconnect the Negative terminal first and the Positive terminal last. When reinstalling – reverse this procedure – Positive first and Negative last • Removal of the battery and tray provides more room to get to the manifold bolts during a later step. Remove the battery cover and tie-down, the battery, and finally remove the battery tray by removing the 3 bolts holding the tray in position. • Slide the red retainer clip out on the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor and disconnect the harness. • Loosen the band clamp around the throttle body and remove the rubber tube and air cleaner box lid. Then remove the air cleaner box that is held in by one bolt. • Remove the oil dipstick then loosen and remove the bolt holding the oil dipstick tube to the engine and finally remove the dipstick tube itself. Use precautions to insure no dirt or debris gets into the open hole to the oil pan. • While the vehicle is still on the ground, remove the top cast manifold fasteners. Loosen and remove all the nuts and studs that you can get to from the top side of the engine at this time. • In addition, this is best time to gain access to the nuts that hold the motor mounts to vehicle frame. Remove these nuts from both the left and right sides of the engine. Under the Vehicle The use of penetrating oil is recommended to aid in the removal of stubborn bolts and nuts. Do not use penetrating oil on any of the sensors throughout the system particularly the O2 sensors.