Home Auto Repair 2009 Honda FIT Sport Pedals Installation Instructions

2009 Honda FIT Sport Pedals Installation Instructions


Download Installing the Accelerator Pedal Cover 1. Apply the parking brake. Align the accelerator pedal cover with the accelerator pedal. Mark the accelerator pedal through the three holes in the accelerator pedal cover using a felt-tip pen (white). 2. Using a pushpin, pierce through the accelerator at each mark. 3. Remove the accelerator pedal cover. While wearing eye protection, drill the accelerator pedal at the pierced marks to 5 mm: • Wrap each drill bit with electrical tape 7 mm from the tip. • While holding the accelerator pedal to the floor, drill each pierced mark with a 2 mm drill bit and finish with a 5 mm drill bit. • Using a file, remove the burrs from the edges of the holes. 4. Slide the upper and lower plates into the left side of the accelerator pedal. Note the installation direction of the upper and lower plates. 5. Place the accelerator pedal cover on the accelerator pedal, and insert one rivet through each hole in the pedal cover and into the plates. Using a rivet tool (MAR 3900), secure the accelerator plate to the accelerator pedal. 6. Remove the vehicle brake pedal pad from the brake pedal. 7. Separate the rubber pedal from the brake pedal cover. Install the new pedal pad on the brake pedal. Check that the pedal pad is installed on the brake pedal securely. 8. Align the pedal pad cover over the pedal pad. 9. Insert one rivet through each hole in the pedal pad/cover and into the brake pedal. Using the rivet tool, secure the brake pedal pad cover to the brake pedal. 10. Repeat step 5 thru 9 to install the pedal pad and pedal pad cover to the clutch pedal.