Home Auto Repair Audi R8 Ziza Interior Lighting Package Installation Instructions

Audi R8 Ziza Interior Lighting Package Installation Instructions


Download What are LEDs? LEDs are Light Emitting Diodes, solid state devices that emit light when connected to electrical cur-rent. They have no moving parts or wire filaments to burn out. They emit a whiter light, run cooler, and last longer that the incandescent (filament-style) bulbs we are replacing in this tutorial. Unlike filament bulbs, LEDs are polarity sensitive. They have plus and minus (positive and negative) electrical terminals that must match the polarity of the applied voltage. Installing the bulbs “back-wards” in the light bulb sockets (with reversed polarity) will not harm them, but they will not light. Flipping the bulb 180 degrees in the electrical connector cures this problem. Dome and Puddle Light Installation. To remove the lights: • Pry down on the front side of the puddle light assemblies. • Pry down on the left side of the glove box light assembly. Use a mar-free plastic prying tool like the one shown in our photo. Use the same plastic tool or similar non-metallic tool to push the old bulb out of the metal socket. Insert the new LED. Service Notes • You do not need to unplug the lights to swap bulbs. If you leave them connected, do not pry in or around the bulb, socket, or wiring with a metal tool or you may blow a fuse. • If the LEDs do not work when plugged in, remove them and flip them over. They are polarity sensitive. Reversing polarity won’t hurt them; they just won’t work.