Home Auto Repair 2006 Honda Civic Air Conditioner Installation Instructions

2006 Honda Civic Air Conditioner Installation Instructions


Download 1. Write down the radio station presets. 2. With the ignition switch on, turn on the windshield wipers. When the wipers reach the top position turn off the ignition switch. 3. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. 4. Inside the passenger’s compartment, remove the passenger dashboard undercover and then the glove box (two 8 mm washer-bolts for the hinges, then open the glove box to remove). 5. Remove the steel glove box lower frame (two washer-bolts. 6. Using diagonal cutters (and/or a utility knife), cut out the dashboard-link at the glove box area. 7. Remove the passenger’s heater duct (one hex screw and two self-tapping screws), and remove the harness connector clip. 8. Remove the blower motor assembly: • Remove the three nuts, one flange bolt, and the three washer-screws (black). • Disconnect the white 14-pin connector at the top of the blower motor, the white 2-pin connector at the bottom, and the green 4-pin recirc motor connector on the right side of the motor. • Pull the blower motor out past the three studs, and tilt the assembly down. Rotate the assembly toward the center of the vehicle and down to remove it. 9. Remove the evaporator housing cover (nine screws), and disconnect the 4-pin power transistor connector. To reach the forward middle screw, you will need a long Phillips #2 screwdriver (150 mm/6″ shaft). 10. Remove and discard the evapo-dummy. 11. Next to the evaporator housing against the front bulkhead, locate and remove the floor insulator plug, which reveals a rubber plug in the front bulkhead.