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Audi TT MK2 v2 Spec.Dock Installation Instructions


Download Audi TT MK2 v2 Spec.Dock Installation Instructions Begin the installation process by using your fingers to unsnap this panel on the side of the center console. 1. This panel will continue to unsnap toward the front of the vehicle. You won’t need to remove it completely – just releasing these three clips will give you all the room you need to route the spec.dock cable. 2. Remove the original ashtray insert and run the spec.dock’s integrated cable through the existing opening in the ashtray well as shown. 3. You will easily be able to grab the end of the cable through this opening on the side of the console where you removed the panel earlier. Use a high-quality degreaser such as denatured alcohol to clean the inside of the ashtray housing and remove the backing from the pre-installed double-sided tape. Lower the spec.dock into position and press down firmly for ten seconds to ensure proper adhesion. In order to complete the connection of the spec.dock to your car’s audio system, refer to the guide included with the interface or auxiliary input device you are using. Make sure to test all functionality before completely reassembling the vehicle. Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly.