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How to Diagnose EVAP Leak on Chevy Trailblazer


It’s amazing how a small light on your instrument panel can ruin your day. Your Trailblazer is running fine then the “Check Engine” light appears. The list of causes can make your head spin. This could be the sign of an EVAP leak and diagnosing the problem can be frustrating, but with a little detective work – and a bit of luck – you can determine what is wrong and avoid a costly repair bill. You may have to spend a little to solve the ultimate problem but there are steps that will save you money in the long run.

Tools Used: Tools, Jack and jackstand, Flashlight, Voltmeter, Jumper wires

Diagnose EVAP Leak

Take the car to your local auto parts store, (e.g., Auto Zone). Have them connect their diagnostic scan tool to your vehicle; this will determine which code is being pulled by the car’s computer. Most places that are equipped will do this for free. This should solve the first clue. There can be several reasons for EVAP codes to trigger.