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2008 Cadillac STS/STS-V Navigation System Manual


Download Getting Started Before you begin to operate the navigation system, read this manual thoroughly to become familiar with it and to understand how the system works. Any route suggestions made by this navigation system may never override local traffic regulations, your own judgement, and/or knowledge of safe driving practices. Disregard route suggestions made by the navigation system if such suggestions would; cause you to perform a hazardous or illegal maneuver, place you in a hazardous situation, or route you into an area you consider unsafe. Keeping your mind on the drive is important for safe driving. See “Defensive Driving” in the Index of your vehicle’s owner manual for more information. Get familiar with your vehicle’s navigation system so you can use it with less effort and take full advantage of its features. Your navigation system includes not only navigation, but also audio functions. While your vehicle is parked: • Familiarize yourself with all of its controls: hard keys on the faceplate and touch-sensitive screen buttons. • Familiarize yourself with its operation. • Set up your audio by presetting your favorite stations, setting the tone, and adjusting the speakers. Then, when driving conditions permit, you can tune to your favorite stations using the presets and steering wheel controls (if equipped). • Set up the navigation features that can only be done before you begin driving, such as entering an address or a preset destination.