Home Auto Repair 2013 Honda Civic Automatic Day/Night Mirror Installation

2013 Honda Civic Automatic Day/Night Mirror Installation


Download 1. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. If the vehicle is equipped with map light. 2. Remove the left and right lenses from the map light console (four retaining tabs for each lens). Remove the two bolts. With Moonroof: Remove the map light console. Then unplug three vehicle connectors, and remove the switch (four retaining tabs). Without Moonroof and With Hands Free Link: Remove the map light console (unplug two vehicle connectors). 3. Remove the driver’s and passenger’s sunvisor holders. 4. Remove the rearview mirror. With FCW/LDW Camera: Remove the rearview mirror from the mirror mount by rotating the stay 90° clockwise. Without FCW/LDW Camera: • Remove the cover (two retaining tabs). • While holding down the hook as shown, remove the rearview mirror from the mirror mount. 5. Wrap the end of a flat-tip screwdriver with tape. Locate the slot in the bracket cover, and insert a flat-tip screwdriver into the slot. Push the hook with the flat-tip screwdriver. 6. While pushing in on the hook, rotate the driver’s sunvisor backward about 45°. Make sure the hook slides into the bracket cover. NOTE: If the hook did not stay pushed in, return the driver’s sunvisor to its original position and repeat steps 5 and 6. 7. Remove the driver’s sunvisor. 8. Pull away the driver’s door opening seal. 9. Pull out the driver’s A-pillar trim to release the clips.