Home Auto Repair 2009 Honda CRV Remote Control Engine Starter Installation

2009 Honda CRV Remote Control Engine Starter Installation


Installation NOTE: This antenna should only be installed if the ambient air temperature 15°C (60°F) or above. 1. Make sure you have the anti-theft code for the radio, then write down the frequencies for the preset buttons. 2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. Setting the Control Unit 3. Get the control unit. Using a small flat-tip screwdriver, adjust the switches on the (accessory) control unit to the locations shown. Using isopropyl alcohol on a shop towel, clean the area where the protective tape will attach. Remove the adhesive backing, and attach the protective tape to the control unit. NOTE: • The switches must be selected before the control unit is plugged in. • If the switch setting is not correct, the engine starter will not operate properly. • If setting the switches with the control unit installed in the vehicle, touch a metal part of the screwdriver to any metal part of the vehicle to discharge any static electricity. • If you change the switch settings with the unit connected, you must disconnect the unit then reconnect it before the settings change. 4. Turn the knob of the driver’s seat side under cover. Remove the driver’s seat side under cover (a pin and a clip). 5. Remove the driver’s side lower dash cover (seven clips and two hooks). Take care not to damage the clips and hooks. 6. Remove the left front side step trim (three clips). 7. Pull out the front door opening seal and remove the driver’s seat side kick panel (two clips)