Home Auto Repair 2010 Honda CRV Trailer Hitch Installation Instructions

2010 Honda CRV Trailer Hitch Installation Instructions


Download Installation NOTE: • If you are also installing backup sensors, install them before you install the trailer hitch. • Do not damage the body paint finish. 1. Make sure you have the anti-theft code for the audio unit and navigation system if equipped, then write down the radio station presets. 2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. 3. Remove the left rear splash guard (four self tapping screws, and slide forward). 4. Remove the right splash guard (four screws and slide forward). 5. Remove the rear bumper: • Remove the two bolt covers (two tabs for each cover). • Remove the two bolts, two stopper bolts, two clips, and fourteen retaining tabs. • With the help of an assistant, remove the rear bumper. Place the rear bumper on a blanket to prevent damage. 6. Remove the left front door sill trim (three clips). 7. Pull away the weatherstrip from around the driver’s side kick panel, and remove the driver’s side kick panel (two clips). 8. Remove the driver’s dashboard undercover (turn the knob, one pin and one clip). 9. Fold the rear seat forward. 10. Remove the left rear door sill trim (three clips). 11. Remove the cargo shelf (four retaining tabs). 12. Remove the cargo area floor (two hooks). 13. Remove the cargo hooks (one bolt for each hook). 14. Pull away the tailgate weatherstrip, and remove the rear trim panel (four clips and two clips). 15. Remove the cover from the left cargo area side trim panel (ten retaining tabs and one bolt).