Home Auto Repair 2008-2011 Cadillac CTS In-Car Router Installation Instructions

2008-2011 Cadillac CTS In-Car Router Installation Instructions


Download  Installation 1. On left wall of trunk, remove the three fasteners that secure the trunk liner. 2. Remove Velcro attached net storage if equipped. 3. Open left rear passenger door fold down seat and remove two remaining fasteners that secure trunk liner. 4. Remove trunk liner. 5. Using Router Docking Station as a template, drill or punch four 1/8” diameter holes in level area near rear of trunk liner. Use caution-insulation located behind this area can bind in drill bit. 6. Attach docking station using four supplied nylon Key Hole clips. 7. Drill a 3/8” hole directly below docking station for power wire. 8. Run power wire through hole in trunk liner. Secure in place with grommet. 9. Attach black lead of supplied power cable to ground stub on rear wheel well of trunk using supplied nut. 10. Feed cable through seat frame into passenger cabin. 11. Run power cable under trim to left instrument panel access area on the driver’s side of dash. 12. Open left instrument power access area. 13. Locate and unplug 14 pin harness. 14. Using the Table below, determine which wire to tap. 16. Screw tap pin onto cap and observe that tap is centered on wire. Thread by hand until wire is tightly tapped. 17. Strip 1/8” from end of power cable 18. Unscrew splice cap from bottom of Posi-tap connector and insert wire. 19. Brush exposed wire strands with thumbnail and insert wire strands into one side of the metal core