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Cadillac CTS-V Coupe/Sedan Exhaust System Installation


Download Installation Original System Removal & Front-Pipe 1. Remove (2) bolts and crossbar. Place this hardware aside for installation later. 2. Measure and mark a cutline 10.75” behind catalytic converters on left and right-side pipes. Both pipes will be cut at these marks in step 4. 3. Unbolt (4) front flange bolts and put aside for installation later. Support the exhaust system using muffler stands. Carefully remove muffler hangars from rubber isolators and remove OE exhaust system. 4. Secure the exhaust pipes for cutting. Using a metal-cutting blade, cut both pipes as marked in step 2. 5. Keep front left and right sections of pipe. De-burr the ends of newly cut pipe. Borla Performance System Installation 1. Reinstall (cut) Left and Right front pipes using original hardware. Hand-tighten flange hardware. 2. Place X-Pipe Assembly on a flat surface. Referring to assembly drawing on page 2, arrange components adjacent to X-Pipe on flat surface. 3. Place a clamp on L/H Front Pipe and insert end into X-Pipe. Lightly tighten clamp using 15mm socket. 4. Repeat above step for R/H Front Pipe. 5. Place a clamp on the L/H and R/H Front Pipes. Using a muffler stand to support X-pipe end, carry entire Mid-Pipe Assembly to vehicle and in-sert both L/H and R/H Front Pipe ends into de-burred cut pipe on vehi-cle. (See Fig. D) 6. Refer to page 4 of PN-11805 installation instructions for connection to Rear Section exhaust system. (See Fig. E)