Home Auto Repair 2011 Honda CRV Roof Rack Installation Instructions

2011 Honda CRV Roof Rack Installation Instructions


Download 2011 Honda CRV Roof Rack Installation Instructions Installation NOTE: Be careful not to damage the roof and other finished surfaces of the body when installing the roof rack 1. Using a flat-tip screwdriver wrapped with a shop towel, remove the four roof trim covers (four retaining tabs for each cover). 2. Clean the paint off of the mounting studs. Thread on a special nut until you feel resistance, then turn it an additional 90°. Remove the nut, and blow the nut and stud clean with compressed air. Repeat this process until the nut threads all the way on. 3. Repeat step 2 for all of the remaining studs. 4. Position the front and rear roof racks on the vehicle and install the eight special nuts using a T40 TORX socket. Make sure the rubber alignment stud is positioned through the hole in the roof rack. Torque the special nuts to 20 N·m (14 lb-ft). 5. Reinstall the four covers on the front roof rack. 6. After installing each cover, check that the rubber seal on the roof rack cover is not protruding. If it is, push the seal into position using a plastic spatula. 7. After installing the roof rack, rock each rack to make sure it is secure. 8. Give the covers (removed in step 1) to your customer in the event the roof rack is removed.