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Cadillac CTS-V Performance Air Intake Installation Instructions


Download Installation Step 1. Radiator shroud removal -Remove the plastic radiator shroud by removing the two plastic rivets with a flat blade screw driver or pry tool. To do this you must first unlock the rivet by prying up on the head of the rivet, located at the center (the head will raise about a half an inch). -Once the rivet has been unlocked it can then be removed. -There are two christmas tree style fasteners at each edge of the plastic shroud. These are removed by inserting your flat blade screw driver/pry tool near the fastener and gently prying upward. Step 2. Air intake tube removal -Remove stock air intake tube by loosening the two hose clamps, located on each end of the intake tube. Set air intake tube aside, it will be used in the installation process. Step 3. Stock airbox removal NOTE:Make note of the orientation of the MAF sensor. It will need to be installed in this orientation. -Remove the three mounting bolts using a 10mm socket. -Unplug the mass airflow sensor. -Remove the air box. Step 4. Removal of the rubber air snorkle -With the air box removed you will be able to remove the rubber snorkel located next to the radiator, under the radiator core support. Step 5. Remove plastic rivet -With the air box removed, you will see another plastic rivet on the inside fender wall. Using your flat-blade screwdriver/pry tool, remove this and save it for installation.