Home Auto Repair 2012 Honda Civic XM Radio System Installation Instructions

2012 Honda Civic XM Radio System Installation Instructions


Download Installation 1. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. 2. Remove the passenger’s sunvisor holder by turning it 45° in the counterclockwise direction. 3. Remove the passenger’s sunvisor: • Pivot the right sunvisor downward. • Wrap electrical tape around the tip of a small flat-tip screwdriver. • Locate the slot in the right sunvisor holder, and insert a flat-tip screwdriver into the slot. Push in and hold the retaining tab. • While holding the retaining tab, push up on the sunvisor and rotate it toward the door to remove. 4. Remove the passenger’s A-pillar trim. • Pull away the weatherstrip from the A-pillar trim. • Gently pull the A-pillar trim away from the A-Pillar to release the three clips. • To prevent clips from falling into the body panel area, carefully insert a shop towel between the A-pillar and the A-pillar trim. • Slide the A-pillar upward, unplug the connector (if equipped), and remove A-pillar trim. • Remove the shop towel in any clips. 5. Remove the remaining upper clip from the passenger’s A-pillar. 6. Install the new clip (supplied) to the passenger’s A-pillar trim. NOTE: When reinstalling, refer to the service manual for the correct overlap procedure. 7. Remove the passenger’s front door sill trim (six clips, two hooks, and four retaining tabs). 8. Pull away the door seal, and remove the passenger’s kick panel (two clips). 9. Remove the two glove box bolts. 10. Open the glove box, push inward on the stoppers, and remove the glove box.