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Volkswagen Beetle Windshield Washer Reservoir Replacement


The new VW Beetle, introduced in 1998, has the engine in the front and storage in the rear just as most automobiles, but the opposite of the classic Beetle. Repairs are much easier on the new model, since it works much like other autos. Fill the windshield washer reservoir often and check for leaks periodically. If you find a leak, consider fixing or replacing the reservoir yourself.

Tools Used: Tools, Windshield washer reservoir, Jack, Jack stands, Flathead screwdriver, 10mm socket wrench, Pliers, Seals, Washer fluid

Replace Windshield Washer Reservoir

Select a new windshield washer reservoir–the part number depends on the year of your VW Beetle. Order it from the dealer or online or get it from a salvage yard. Having the part before you begin, saves you time later. Many dealerships may no longer carry replacement parts for the classic Beetle.