Home Auto Repair 2010 Honda Insight Automatic Day/Night Mirror Installation

2010 Honda Insight Automatic Day/Night Mirror Installation


Download Installation 1. Make sure you have the anti-theft code for the audio unit or the audio-navigation unit. 2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. If the vehicle is equipped with the roof console, continue with step 3, otherwise go to step 4. 3. Remove roof console: • Using a plastic trim tool, remove the right and left map light lens (eight retaining tabs). • Remove roof console (two bolts and unplug the vehicle connectors). 4. Release the right sunvisor from the right sunvisor holder. 5. Turn and remove the right sunvisor holder. 6. Release the left sunvisor from the left sunvisor holder. 7. Turn and remove the left sunvisor holder. 8. Turn the mirror clockwise to release it from the mirror holder. Set the mirror aside, it will not be reused. 9. Pull away the weatherstrip from the right A-pilar trim at the area marked “SIDE CURTAIN AIRBAG.” 10. Using a rubber mallet wrapped with a shop towel, lightly tap the right A-pillar trim where it says “SIDE CURTAIN AIRBAG” to release the clip. 11. Pull away the rest of the weatherstrip and remove the right A-pillar trim (two clips). 12. Remove the driver’s under cover (turn the knob counterclockwise, and release two clips and two pins). 13. Remove the fuse access panel (six retaining tabs). 14. Remove the left front door sill trim (three clips and five retaining tabs). 15. Pull away the weatherstrip from around the driver’s kick panel, and remove the driver’s kick panel (two clips).