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How to Restore a Gas Tank on a Volkswagen Bug


A VW Bug is a great car, but the older cars-get, the more things corrode. One thing that is bound to corrode is the gas tank. This is a vital part of the car, as you’ll soon learn. So, restoring one to operate in a safe manner is a necessary skill to learn if you want to get that Bug back on the road.

Tools Used: Tools, Grinder, Abrasion discs, Welder, Sheet metal

Restore a Gas Tank

Remove the gas tank from the car. It is attached by bolts to the undercarriage. First disconnect the outgoing fuel line, and then remove the bolts. The tank will slide out from under the VW.

Inspect the tank for corrosion and holes. Note that badly corroded fuel tanks on any vehicle can not be restored; they must be replaced. If there are no visible holes and the metal is sound and solid all the way around, you can restore the gas tank by doing the following.