Home Auto Repair 2012 Honda CRV RVing Fuse Switch Installation Instructions

2012 Honda CRV RVing Fuse Switch Installation Instructions


Download Installation 1. Slightly pull the rubber door trim in the area of the dash panel away from the door opening. 2. If necessary, remove the lower “kick panel” to separate the lower part of the dash from the kick panel (usually not required) 3. Grasp the dash panel from the left to the area below the steering wheel where it separates and gently yet firmly pull towards you while sitting in the driver’s seat. It should pop out and then can be removed with a pull. 4. Disconnect the multi-pin connector to remove the wiring from the panel. 5. Lay the panel down on a protected surface so as not to scratch or damage it. 6. Locate the fuse that should be removed by going up to the second row from the bottom and select the 4 th fuse location from the left in this row. 7. Remove the fuse and note its rating (You will be required to supply a ATM Mini Fuse of the same rating (7.5 amp typically) to fit the Fuse Holder on the RVing FuseSwitch™ The car’s fuse will not be re-used. 8. Carefully remove the connections from switch on the RVing FuseSwitch™ harness and set the switch aside with the dash panel. 9. Insert the pin connectors from the RVing FuseSwitch™ harness into the fuse panel one at a time. Bring the lower pin to the bottom of the fuse location slot and insert the pin straight in. Resistance will be felt immediately after the pin goes below the panel surface. 10. Repeat the insertion for the second pin moving it to the top of the fuse slot.