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How to Remove Ignition Switch on Volvo XC-70


The ignition switch on a Volvo, as with any other car, is an essential part of the running of the car. On the Volvo XC-70, the ignition cylinder is just to the right of the steering column. It is used with your key to start your car, and if there is a problem with it, it will likely need to be removed. If this is the case, you can complete the process in just seconds with your key.

Remove Ignition Switch

Insert your key into the key slot as normal, and leave the key in the “Off” position. Straighten out a paperclip and insert the end of the clip into the small circular slot just to the left of the key slot.

Push the paperclip in as far as it will go and then turn the key to the “ACC” position to unlock the cylinder. Pull on both the key and the clip to slide the cylinder out of its spot to finish the procedure.