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How to Install a Gas Cap Cover on a Volvo XC70


The Volvo XC70’s gas cap door typically remains attached to the Volvo without any problems. However, accidents or rough handling sometimes cause the screws on the gas cap door to grow loose, breaking the door or causing it to fall off the Volvo XC70. To replace the door, you must buy a replacement hinge. Luckily, the Volvo XC70 works with a universal gas cap door hinge. These hinges are available online or at Volvo dealerships.

Tools Used: Tools, Flat-head screwdriver, Scissors

Install a Gas Cap Cover

Remove the hinge and door of the Volvo XC70’s gas cap, if necessary. Unscrew the rivets that attach the hinge to the car using a flat-head screwdriver.

Cut the gas cap tether that connects to the gas cap, if necessary. Not all Volvo vehicle’s utilize a gas cap tether.