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How to Clean a Carb on a Yamaha Blaster


The carburetor used by your Yamaha Blaster is composed of a series of passageways and nozzles that direct air and fuel to the ATV’s motor, all of which are susceptible to contaminants within the fuel supply. These contaminants can enter the fuel supply from outside, typically from riding through dusty environments, or from a lack of maintenance and long periods of inactivity. Even the smallest piece of debris in the fuel can clog the carburetor, preventing your Blaster from starting or operating properly.

Tools Used: Tools, Flat screwdriver, 2 containers, Carburetor cleaning solution, Phillips screwdriver, 10 mm socket, Socket wrench, Shop towel, Compressed air, Piano wire, 10 mm wrench

Clean a Carb

Set your Blaster’s fuel valve, mounted under the left side of the gas tank, to the “Off” position. Follow the fuel line from the valve to the carburetor, then pull the fuel line off the carburetor’s inlet.