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How to Remove the Fuel Filter on a Yamaha XT600


Built to both tackle dirt trails and paved highways, Yamaha’s XT600 dual-sport motorcycle has become a classic ride among adventure-seeking motorcyclists. Keeping these single-cylinder machines in working order requires a steady flow of fuel free from contaminants that could adversely affect the carburetor and motor. A fuel filter placed between the fuel tank and the carburetor ensure that dirt and rust don’t enter into the carburetor. The filters should be replaced regularly to prevent the buildup of material from restricting the flow of fuel.

Tools Used: Tools, Socket wrench and sockets, Container, Fuel filter

Remove the Fuel Filter

Park the motorcycle on a level surface and turn the fuel valve to the “OFF” position. Allow the motor to cool completely. Locate the pair of seat bolts under the tail cowl. Using a socket wrench, remove the seat bolts and pull the rear of the seat upward. Pull the seat to the rear of the motorcycle to disengage the plastic tab on the front of the seat from the frame. Set the seat aside.