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How to Drain the Gas Tank on a Volkswagen Bug


There is no simple access point near the gas tank when draining the gas from a VW Bug, also known as a Beetle. Instead, drain it from the fuel line under the car, near the left rear wheel. Any other location on the fuel line is either too high to drain the tank effectively, or it is hidden behind metal sheeting. The fuel capacity of most VW Beetles is 10.5 gallons, so make sure you have enough gas cans to catch all the fuel.

Tools Used: Tools, Car jack, Empty gas cans or a clean bucket, Nut driver, Rag

Drain the Gas Tank

Loosen the lugs on the left rear wheel. Jack up the left side of the VW Bug. Remove the lugs and the left rear wheel. Locate a hose clamp under the car, just inside the left rear wheel and a few inches in front of the axle. (This clamp connects a flexible fuel line running from the front of,…