Home Auto Repair How to Change the Rear Brakes on a Volkswagen Golf

How to Change the Rear Brakes on a Volkswagen Golf


The rear breaks on your Volkswagen Golf consist of several components that must be assembled correctly to operate properly. First of all, you should note that brake shoes are not entirely symmetrical: the lining comes in different sizes. The shoe with the smaller lining should face the front of the vehicle and the larger one should face the rear. That said, the rest of this guide will help you change the rear brakes on your Volkswagen.

Tools Used: Tools, Floor jack and 2 jack stands., Screwdriver, Hammer, Nose pliers, Axle socket, Shop towels, Slip joint pliers, Vise Wheel bearing grease, New cotter pin

Change the Rear Brakes

Park your car in a safe place with a level surface. Raise the rear of the vehicle using a floor jack and safely support it on two jack stands. Block the front wheels using a piece of wood or a brick. Remove both rear tires and release the emergency brakes.