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Volkswagen Jetta Windshield Washer Reservoir Replacement


The VW Jetta is a compact car introduced in 1979. Whether you have a new or old one, routine maintenance is important. Learning to do simple auto maintenance is a big plus and can save you time and money. Filling the windshield washer reservoir and fixing or replacing the reservoir if it’s leaking are easy tasks anyone can learn.

Tools Used: Tools, Windshield washer reservoir, Jack, Jack stands, Flat- head screwdriver, 10 mm socket wrench, Pliers
Seals, Washer fluid, Pan

Replace Windshield Washer Reservoir

Learn the part number of your windshield washer reservoir–which depends on the year of your VW Jetta. Getting to the reservoir in your car can be time consuming; therefore, it’s best to have the new reservoir before you begin. Some dealerships have parts available for purchase and may have a replacement reservoir in stock, otherwise, ask them to order one for you.