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How to Check the Fuel Delivery on a Volkswagen Passat


The Passat debuted as a compact family vehicle in 1973 and shifted into the mid sized family class in 1982. The Passat was one of the first two water-cooled engine models manufactured by VW. Even though the VW Passat is very reliable, you may need to eventually repair the fuel delivery system. Investigate the Passat fuel delivery system if the engine won’t start, if it runs rough or stalls in traffic.

Check Fuel Delivery

Relieve system pressure by disconnecting the negative battery cable and removing either the fuel pump fuse or the relay. Slowly loosen the pressure regulator fuel line and allow the pressure to release. Reconnect all the disconnected components except the battery cable.

Unhook the fuel pressure sensor vacuum hose. Check for fuel in the line. If there is fuel present in the line, the fuel delivery problem is likely a faulty fuel pump pressure regulator. If there is no fuel in the lines, reattach the vacuum hose and continue with the fuel delivery diagnostic.