Home Auto Repair 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix Windshield Removing & Replacement

1995 Pontiac Grand Prix Windshield Removing & Replacement


You can remove and replace the windshield on your 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix from home, saving yourself some money. A windshield protects you from road debris and prevents passenger ejection from the vehicle in the event of an accident. It also keeps the roof from caving in during a rollover. Replace the windshield when it has a crack longer than 6 inches. Keep in mind that a having a professional install your windshield, always a better option, will ensure proper installation and continued protection.

Tools Used: Tools, Large slotted screwdriver, Masking tape, Thick, sharp knife, Work gloves, Replacement gasket, Damp hand towel, Replacement windshield, Sealant, Heavy-duty nylon cord, Petroleum jelly

Windshield Removing & Replacement

Unscrew the rearview mirror screws, and slide out the mirror and retaining block.

Lift up the wipers to the cleaning position, and pry the wipers up by positioning a large slotted screwdriver between the nut and the wiper arm. Rock each arm back and forth until it comes up. Set them aside.

Seal off all vents on the dashboard with masking tape to prevent glass from falling inside and blowing out later.

Shove the knife into the rubber gasket close to the windshield glass but not touching it. (Perform this step from inside the vehicle.) Cut around the whole perimeter of the windshield. Push the glass out with your feet, and have a friend catch it from the outside. Your friend should wear work gloves to protect his hands.