Home Auto Repair 1988 Cadillac DeVille Steering Column Repair Manual

1988 Cadillac DeVille Steering Column Repair Manual

Download Disassembly 1. Remove dash panel bracket and retailer bracket in a protected place to stop damage to mounting capsules. 2. Place column in a vise utilizing both weld nuts of both set A or B, Fig. 29. The vise jaws must clamp onto the sides of weld nuts indicated by arrows shown on set B. Do not place column in vise by clamping onto only one weld nut, by clamping on one weld nut of both units A and B or by clamping onto the edges not indicated by arrows, as injury to column may result. 3. Inspect steering shaft to determine sort of thread used for steering shaft nut. Metric sort shafts can be identified by a groove positioned in area of steering wheel finding splines, while shafts with American type threads do not have this groove. If shaft has metric type threads, the forcing screw of Lock Plate Compressor Device J-23653 have to be removed and changed with the metric forcing screw J-23653-four earlier than installing lock plate compressor software on steering shaft. Compress lock plate using lock plate compressor device, then pry snap ring from shaft groove and discard wing.