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1988 Jeep Change a Radiator to a Newer Model


It might be difficult to find a radiator for a 1988 Jeep because most auto parts stores stop carrying parts once a vehicle reaches 10 years of age. The parts usually have to be special-ordered from the dealership — which can be quite expensive. There is a way around that — using a radiator from a newer model or even a different model Jeep or other vehicle.

Tools Used: Tools, Drain pan, Screwdriver, Set of sockets, Torque wrench (inch-pounds)

Change a Radiator to a Newer Model – Measure the radiator’s core — the center, metal part of the radiator — horizontally and vertically. Measure the inlet header, outlet header and the upper and lower radiator hose connections. Write all measurements down. Notice whether you have a transmission cooler and engine oil cooler. Take note as to where the lines go — to a separate cooler or to a cooler contained within the radiator.