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1994 Toyota Pickup Read Check Engine Light


The check-engine light on your 1994 Toyota pickup indicates that there is a serious problem with the truck’s emissions system, or any one of the various sensors, valves, or solenoids that are needed for the truck to run properly. The diagnostic computer on your Toyota can be checked using a scan tool available at most auto-parts stores. Before you can fix anything on your Toyota, you will need to use this troubleshooting method.

Tools Used: Tools, OBD scan tool

Read Check Engine Light

Locate the small OBD access port to the left of the main fuse panel. You should be able to access this port without removing the panel cover. But if you are having trouble, then pull down on the fuse panel to remove it and give yourself more room to work with.

Plug the OBD scan tool plug into the diagnostic port and make sure that it is secure. Turn on the scan tool and the ignition, but don’t crank the engine. Wait for the scan tool display to read “OK” and shut off the ignition.

Press “Menu” on your OBD scan tool and scroll through the menu options until you reach “Stored Codes.” Select the “Stored Codes” menu. Then, use your Toyota pickup’s service manual to translate the engine codes.