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1995 Buick LeSabre Troubleshoot the Brakes


The brakes on your 1995 Buick LeSabre use a caliper design. The caliper clamps down on the brake rotor which is connected to the LeSabre’s drive wheels. When a problem develops with the braking system on your LeSabre it should be fixed right away. Replacement parts can be purchased from most auto-parts stores. Before replacing the brakes, however, you can first troubleshoot them.

Troubleshoot the Brakes

Open the hood and inspect the brake master cylinder on the driver’s side of the engine bay on the firewall. If the cylinder is leaking, replace it. If the fluid is not between the upper and lower marks on the reservoir tank, you’ll need to fill the reservoir tank.

Press on the brake pedal. If the pedal pressure seems weak or the brake pedal feels “spongy,” have the braking system bled. If the brake pedal is firm at first and slowly sinks to the floor, there is an internal leak in the car’s master cylinder. This will cause the pedal to sink to the floor but you won’t see any brake fluid loss.

Check for brake-fluid loss under the vehicle while an assistant presses on the brake pedal. Any fluid leaks indicate a leak in the system. The brake lines will need to be replaced.