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1995 Buick Park Avenue PCV Valve Replacement


Every vehicle sold in the United States since the 1960s contains a device called a positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve to help control engine fume emissions. The PCV valve sends harmful gases that result from the fuel combustion process back into the engine. The valve adjusts its opening depending on the drivers speed. Replacing a work PCV valve is easily achieved on your own and will save you money as well as keep pollution of of the atmosphere. Find the black, three inch long PCV valve on a 1995 Buick Park Avenue on the top, passenger side of the engine block.

Replace PCV Valve

Open the hood of the Buick Park Avenue. Grab the black, rubber hose that connects to the PCV valve with a hand. Hold the valve with the other hand and pull the hose off.

Place one prong of a set of needle-nose pliers on the outside edge of the PCV valve. Insert the other prong into the opening in the valve. Press together the prongs of the pliers and, with a firm tug, remove the valve. Dispose of the old valve. Push the new PCV valve into the hole in the engine block. Slide the black, rubber hose onto the valve as far as it will go.

Tips & Warnings: Avoid burns by working under the hood of the car after the engine has had sufficient time to cool.