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1996 – 2002 Audi B5 Platform 2.7 Liter V6 5V BiTurbo Engine Camshafts and camshaft adjusters removing and installing

Download Removing Cylinder head installed Remove noise insulation panel -arrows-. Remove front bumper => Repair Manual, Body Exterior, Repair Group 63 Move lock carrier to service position => Repair Manual, Body Exterior, Repair Group 50 Remove ribbed belt => Page 13-1. Remove toothed belt => Page 13-4. Left cylinder head Remove left-hand cylinder head cover => Page 15-22. Right cylinder head Remove right-hand cylinder head cover => Page 15-25 All: Unbolt Hall sensor housing (10 Nm). Remove bolt securing Hall sensor rotor (20 Nm) and carefully lever off rotor using a screwdriver. Insert camshaft clamp 3391 in securing plates of two camshafts. Loosen both camshaft bolts and remove approx. 5 turns. Take out camshaft clamp 3391. Pull off both camshaft sprockets with special tool T40001. Using a screwdriver, carefully pry oil feed lines for camshaft bearings out of camshaft bearings. Make sure that the retaining catches do not break off when prying out the oil lines. Secure camshaft adjuster using retainer for chain tensioner 3366. Note: Do not over tighten retainer for chain tensioner, otherwise camshaft adjuster can be damaged. Check TDC position of camshafts once again. Note: