Home Auto Repair 1996 Ford Aerostar Front Wheel Bearing ADJUSTMENTS

1996 Ford Aerostar Front Wheel Bearing ADJUSTMENTS

Download Manual Locking Hubs, Ranger 1. Raise the vehicle and install safety stands. 2. Remove the lug nuts (1012) and wheel and tire assembly. Refer to Section 04-04. 3. Remove the retainer washers from the wheel hub bolt nut studs and the manual locking hub assembly from the front wheel spindle (3105). 4. Remove the snap ring from the end of the shaft of the front wheel spindle. Manual Locking Hub, Exploded View, Ranger 5. Remove the axle shaft spacers. 6. Remove the outer wheel bearing locknut from the front wheel spindlej using Hub Locknut Wrench Prong T83T-1197-B. Engage tool tabs into locknut slots. 7. Remove locknut washer from front wheel spindle. 8. Loosen the inner wheel bearing locknut. Engage tool tab in locknut slots. Make sure tool is centered over the locknut pin. 9. Tighten the inner locknut to 47 Nm (35 lb-ft) while turning the rotor in the opposite direction to seat wheel bearings. 10. NOTE: