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1996 Ford Windstar Drive Belt Replacement

Download Drive Belt, Serpentine NOTE: Minor cracks in the V-grooved portion of the serpentine drive belt are considered normal and acceptable. If the drive belt (8620) has chunks missing from the ribs, the drive belt should be replaced. NOTE: When installing drive belts on pulley, make sure that all V-grooves make proper contact with pulleys. Conditions requiring drive belt replacement are excessive wear, rib chunkout, severe glazing, frayed cords, etc. Replace any drive belt that exhibits any of these conditions. Removal 1. WARNING: USE CAUTION WHEN REMOVING OR INSTALLING DRIVE BELT TO MAKE SURE THAT TOOL DOES NOT SLIP. Using a 15 mm socket or wrench on bolt, attach drive belt tensioner pulley. Rotate drive belt tensioner (6B209) clockwise to remove drive belt from pulleys. Pulley Routing, Accessory Drive Belt — 3.8L Engine Installation 1. Install drive belt over all pulleys (except drive belt tensioner).