Home Auto Repair 1997 Jaguar XJ-6L (X300) REMOVING SRCM

1997 Jaguar XJ-6L (X300) REMOVING SRCM

Download 1. Remove the sliding roof trim panel assembly. 2. Remove the sliding roof flange finisher. 3. Take away the roof console for access. 4. Take away the suitable aspect solar visor assist block. 5. Carefully lower the entrance edge of the headlining for access to the SRCM. CAUTION : Use care not to damage the headlining when pulling it down. 6. Disconnect each harness connectors from the SRCM. 7. Remove the tie strap, if so equipped.8. Really feel under the SRCM till the retaining clip (A, Illustration 1) might be felt on the aspect of the SRCM. Press the retaining clip towards the ECM. 9. With the retaining clip depressed, swing the SRCM down within the course of arrow B till the clip is free of the opening in the vehicle structure. 10. Transfer the SRCM sideways within the path of arrow C until releases from retaining tab D. Remove the SRCM from the vehicle. INSTALLING THE SRCM The sliding roof panel must be appropriately positioned and the SRCM synchronized before it’s installed in the vehicle (Illustration 1).