Home Auto Repair 1998 Cadillac DeVille Lower Crankcase Installation

1998 Cadillac DeVille Lower Crankcase Installation

Download 1. Wipe all sealing surfaces clean with a dry, lint-free cloth. 2. Work the upper-to-lower crankcase seal into its groove starting at both ends and working the seal towards the center. The seal must not be torn, nicked, or out of the groove over its entire length on both sides of the crankcase.3. Apply a thin bead (2) of Gasket Maker, GM P/N 1052942 or equivalent, to the upper crankcase. The bead should run parallel to the silicone seal (1) and through the centerline of the bolt holes but not through the bolt holes. Starting from the front of the block, the bead should be about 1 mm thick until the first bolt hole. Expand to 2.5-3 mm thick from the first to the third bolt hole. After the third bolt hole the bead should be reduced to 1 mm until running off the end of the crankcase. Do not continue the bead all the way to the rear crankshaft seal.4. Align the lower crankcase with the dowel pins in the upper crankcase. 5. Install the lower crankcase onto the upper crankcase slowly until feeling a positive stop. 6. Inspect the upper-to-lower crankcase joint in order to make sure the lower crankcase is fully seated on the cylinder block.7. Install the oil manifold plate. 8. Install the oil manifold plate retaining bolts. Tighten the oil manifold plate bolts to 10 Nm (89 inch lbs.).