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1998 Jeep Cherokee Drive Belt: Service and Repair

Download Correct drive belt tension is required to ensure optimum performance of the belt driven engine accessories. There are different types of adjustment gauges for checking either a serpentine or a V-type belt. Use the correct gauge when checking belt tension. Place gauge in the middle of the section of belt being tested (between two pulleys) to check tension. Do not allow the gauge (or gauge adapter) to contact anything but the belt. BELT SCHEMATICS The belt routing schematics are published from the latest information available at the tingle of publication. If anything differs between these schematics and the Belt Routing Label, use the schematics on Belt Routing Label. This label is located in the engine compartment. BELT REPLACEMENT OR ADJUSTMENT- LEFT HAND DRIVE Belt tension is adjusted at the power steering pump bracket and idler pulley assembly. 1. Disconnect negative battery cable from battery. 2. Loosen idler pulley bolt at the power steering bracket. 3. Loosen adjusting bolt until belt can be removed from pulleys. 4. Remove belt. INSTALLATION 1.