Home Auto Repair 1999 Toyota RAV4 clock removal instructions

1999 Toyota RAV4 clock removal instructions

Download Reccomended Tools: small flatblade screwdriver & stubby #2 phillips screwdriver Estimated time for removal is 15 minutes STEP # 1 REMOVE 3 PHILLIPS SCREWS & THE 2 ASSOCIATED TRIM PIECES #1 Holding the instrument cluster trim ring. #2 & #3 Holding the stereo trim cover ring. REMOVE CONTROL KNOBS (1-4) (ABOVE PHOTO SHOWN WITH KNOBS ALREADY REMOVED). GENTLY PRY UP BACK COVER PLATE (5) & REMOVE. UNPLUG & REMOVE A/C CONTROL SWITCH (6) IF APPLICABLE. GENTLY PULL ENTIRE DASH ASSEMBLY LOOSE, TO EXPOSE THE CLOCK REMOVE 2 PHILLIPS SCREWS (1-2) THAT RETAIN THE CLOCK ASSEMBLY UNPLUG ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR (3) & REMOVE THE CLOCK