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2000 Hyundai Sonata CV Joints – Shudder On Acceleration

Download 1999-2000 SONATA SHUDDER OR VIBRATION DURING ACCELERATION DESCRIPTION: Some 1999-2000 Sonata vehicles produced prior to 4/12/00 may shudder or vibrate slightly during medium to full throttle acceleration. To correct this condition, replace both CV joints on the left and right side driveshafts. REPAIR INFORMATION: 1. Remove the drive shaft according to the 1999 or 2000 Sonata Shop Manual, Page DS- 8. Assemble the new driveshaft as shown in Steps 2-6. 2. Install the small band and boot on the joint and shaft kit. 3. Install the spider and the C-clip. 4. Add CV grease (supplied with the joint and shaft kit) to the case and boot. 5. Install the case to the spider. 6. Install the boot to the case and attach both bands on the boot, using CV joint pliers. NOTE :Use Snap-On YA3050 and YA3OBO or Blue-Point TA3050 and TA3080 or equivalent. 7. Install the axle shaft to the vehicle. 8. Test drive the vehicle and check for vibration.