Home Auto Repair 2000 Jaguar S-Type (X200) Primary timing chain LH Installation

2000 Jaguar S-Type (X200) Primary timing chain LH Installation

Download Removal 1. Remove the precise-hand bank major timing chain. See: Proper-Hand2. Remove the VVT solenoid.3. Take away the VVT bush carrier.4. Set up the camshaft locking device 303-530 to the left-hand financial institution camshafts, aligning the shafts as necessary.5. Loosen the exhaust camshaft sprocket bolt.6. Loosen the intake camshaft VVT unit bolt.7. Remove the primary chain tensioner bolts.8. Remove the tensioner assembly. 1. Remove the tensioner. 2. Take away the tensioner again-plate.9. Remove the chain tensioner blade. 1. Remove the tensioner blade pivot bolt. 2. Remove the tensioner blade.10. Remove the left-hand financial institution timing chain. Installation1. Install the chain tensioning software 303-532 to the exhaust camshaft sprocket. Reposition the sprocket (and the VVT unit) for essentially the most advantageous place for use of the tool. Remove the tool.2. Install the first timing chain. 1. Set up the first chain over the crankshaft sprocket and the VVT unit sprocket.