Home Auto Repair 2001 Cadillac DeVille Intake Manifold Replacement

2001 Cadillac DeVille Intake Manifold Replacement

Download Removal Procedure : 1. Remove the 2 nuts (2) from the intake manifold sight shield (1). 2. Remove the sight shield (1) from the engine.3. Disconnect the coil module connectors (1) from the coil modules (2) located in the camshaft covers (3).4. Disconnect the PCV valve (1) from the camshaft cover (2). 5. Disconnect the PCV fresh air tube (1) from the camshaft cover.6. Disconnect the fuel regulator vacuum tube (1).7. Disconnect the vacuum tubes (2) from the AIR solenoid.8. Disconnect the fuel inlet and return quick-connect fittings (2) at the fuel rail. 9. Disconnect the fuel rail bracket retaining nut (1) at the rear lift bracket.10. Remove the 2 pushnuts securing the engine coolant heater wire (1) and position aside (if equipped). 11. Carefully position aside the surge tank pipe (2) from the fuel rail studs.12. Disconnect the 8 electrical connectors (1) from the 8 fuel injectors (2).13. Remove the 4 bolts (1) attaching the fuel rail (2) to the intake manifold (3).