Home Auto Repair 2001 Ford Mustang Linkage Adjustment GENERAL PROCEDURES

2001 Ford Mustang Linkage Adjustment GENERAL PROCEDURES

Download NOTE: Before starting the adjustment process, inspect the top for damage, make sure that the door window glass and rear quarter glass are correctly adjusted then completely lower all window glass. NOTE: After each adjustment make sure the convertible top operates correctly. The Convertible Top Dowel Pins Fall Forward (Overshoot) or Rearward (Undershoot). The Receiver Cups — Cam Bolt Adjustment. 1. Remove the quarter trim panel. For additional information, refer to Section 501-05. 2. Close the convertible top and examine the position of the dowel pins relative to the receiver cups. 3. Move the convertible top to the half-open position to access the cam bolt. 4. NOTE: Rotating the top of the cam bolt toward the front of the vehicle will lengthen the top, increase the tension on the top and increase pull-down effort. Rotating the cam bolt in the opposite direction will have the opposite effect. NOTE: Turn the adjusting cam one notch at a time. Adjust the adjusting cam as needed. 1. Remove the cam stop set screw. 2. Rotate the adjusting cam.