Home Auto Repair 2001 Subaru Legacy Wheel Bearing Disassemble

2001 Subaru Legacy Wheel Bearing Disassemble

Download Remove knuckle. Refer to Steering and Suspension. Using ST1 and ST2, remove hub from rear housing. Remove back plate from rear housing. Using a standard screwdriver, remove outer and inner oil seals. CAUTION: Use new oil seals. 5. Using flat bladed screwdriver, remove snap ring. 6. Using ST1 and ST2, remove bearing by pressing inner race. ST1 927430000 HOUSING STAND ST2 927440000 BEARING REMOVER CAUTION: Do not remove bearing unless damaged. Do not re-use bearing after removal. 7. Remove tone wheel bolts and remove tone wheel from hub (only vehicle equipped with ABS). 8. Using ST, press hub bolt out. ST 927080000 HUB STAND. CAUTION: Be careful not to hammer hub bolts. This may deform hub. Zoom INSPECTION Check the removed parts for wear and damage. If defective, replace with a new one. CAUTION: If a bearing is faulty, replace it as the bearing set. Be sure to replace oil seal at every overhaul. ASSEMBLE 1. Using ST, press new hub bolt into place. CAUTION: