Home Auto Repair 2002 Nissan ALTIMA AND SENTRA MIL “ON” AND DTC P0340


Download If an applied vehicle exhibits one or more of the following symptoms: • • • MIL “ON” with DTC P0340 (Camshaft Position Sensor) stored in Self Diagnosis results, Engine stumbles momentarily during cruise condition, Engine stops running at idle, The cause of this incident may be the ignition coils. A new resistor assembly (located inside the ignition coil tube) is available to repair the described symptoms, if they should occur. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Verify that the vehicle has one or more of the symptoms listed above in the Service Information. 2. Remove all four ignition coils. Refer to the appropriate 2002 Service Manual for removal procedure of the ignition coils (page EM-26 for Altima, page EM-106 for Sentra). 3. Install the new resistor assembly in all four ignition coil tubes as follows: A. Pull the rubber boot away from the ignition coil. Then, twist and pull the ignition coil tube from the ignition coil to separate them (see Figure 1). Rubber boot Tube Ignition coil Figure 1 TP010651 B. Remove the spring from the ignition coil tube and discard. Insert the new resistor assembly into the ignition coil tube exactly as shown in Figure 2 below.