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2003 Mercedes Benz E 320 Sedan Engine Controls – Lack of Power/Hesitation/MIL ON

Download Model 170 (SLK32O only), Model Year 2002 and later Engine Control Unit Software Update The Flashware CD release 0004488102/0005 (refer to S-B-07.61/30) or any newer version contains a software update for the engine control unit for the following conditions. Please use only the latest flash CD for flashing. Note: Do not flash Model 230 (SL5OO) with chassis number lower than F029500. ME software with part no. 113 153 34 79 will not communicate with transmission control unit resulting in a no start condition. Note: Emissions are not exceeded under normal conditions. All M112/M113 Engines – Model 220/215 MY 2003 and later remaining models MY 2002 and later: ^ Lack of power under full acceleration and mid range and/or upper long-term adaption values drifting to lean. ^ Hesitation caused by “two-footed” driver, i.e. driver depresses accelerator and brake pedal at the same time as outlined in DTB # 302 dated May 29, 2001. After flashing the ECU will have part number as follows: